Instructions for filling up the Online Application Form
  • Please use Internet Explorer Browser only to fill the Application form

  •  The Applicants are advised to fill their application forms well in advance in order to avoid last minute network congestion and troubles.

  • The Applicants are requested to kindly go through the “Application Format of SBIRI” thoroughly, available on the website of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) (

  • The applicant should ensure that before starting to fill the online application form, they are ready with all the details that have to be filled in the application form PRIOR to clicking on the ‘online submission form’ link.

  • If at any step of the form filling the applicant wishes to exit, they can close the form by clicking on the exit button or close the form simply from the cross button on the upper right hand side of the window. Eventually they can continue the form once again from the place they had left by submitting their “tempID”.

  • The “tempID”is a temporary ID that is provided to the applicant after they fill the first appendix A of the form and thereby register themselves. This “tempID” directly goes to the E-mail ID of the applicant provided by them in Appendix A, alongwith a link of the form they are filling. The link directs them to a page where they are asked for their “tempID” after which they can fill their form from the point they had left.

  • They should also note that once they click and accept the declaration button present on the last page (after appendix – J), their forms would be submitted and they wouldn’t be able to make any changes in their application form further using the “tempID”.

    Once the Permanent ID is generated the applicant would not be able to make any kind of changes in their proposal. This form would be considered as final. After the generation of Permanent ID, which also goes to the E-mail address of the applicant, the previous “tempID” becomes deactivated.

  • This Permanent ID should be used for all the future references. Also the status of the Application forms can be tracked by using this ID from the ‘Online Application Tracking’ link present on the homepage of the SBIRI website.

  • The applicant should also be careful while filling the Collaborator’s details in appendix A.

    • a) If there is no collaborator, they have to click the 1st option.

    • b) If the collaborator is a public institution/university then the 2nd option is to be clicked, and the number of such collaborators has to be given.

    • c) If the collaborator is a private company, then the 3rd option is to be selected and the number of such companies to be given.

    • d) If the collaborators are both private company and public institution / university, then the 4th option has to be clicked and the number of the public institution / university and the number of collaborating private companies (excluding the applicant) has to be filled in the box which appears after the options are clicked.

    • [* Please note that the collaborations above mentioned should be indicated only if the partner(s) are involved in the proposed work during the project duration. If collaboration is limited to technology transfer, it should be indicated under Technical Details (D1).]

  • The applicant should also note that they have to attach the copy of their registration certificates and the shareholding pattern of their company in appendix B1, failing which they will not be able to continue the form.

        Also, if the company has DSIR and patent rights, they have to attach the enclosures as proofs in appendix B1.

  • Lastly, the applicant should take the print of every page (Appendix A – J) before hitting the ‘declaration button’ or before clicking on ‘continue’ on Appendix J. They should retain the print out of their filled in application form with them for their own convenience.

Following is a quick view of what to fill in the Appendix of the form–
  • Appendix–A: COVER SHEET. Applicant’s details, name of the company, nature, phase& sector of the proposal, number and nature of collaborators.

  • Appendix–B1: PARTICULARS OF THE APPLICANT. Company details (status, year of establishment, works done viz manufacturing R&D, marketing, etc), enclosures.

  • Appendix–B2 & B3: PARTICULARS OF THE COLLABORATOR (Private Company & Public Institution/ university respectively) status etc. (if any).

  • Appendix–C: PROPOSAL SUMMARY -Proposal coordinator’s details, key investigators, duration of the work, budget, project implementation site, abstract, GIST, etc.

  • Appendix-D(1): TECHNICAL DETAILS (Part I – Introduction).

  • Appendix-D(2): TECHNICAL DETAILS (Part II - Project Objectives & methodology)

  • Appendix-D(3): TECHNICAL DETAILS (Part III – Work Plan)

  • Appendix-D(4): TECHNICAL DETAILS (Part IV – Timelines)

  • Appendix-D5: TECHNICAL DETAILS (Part V – Regulatory Approval and Protocols)

  • Appendix-E(1): BUDGET SUMMARY

  • Appendix-E(2): BUDGET DETAILS (For Each Private Company – Applicant and Collaborators)

  • Appendix-E(3): BUDGET DETAILS (For Each Public Institution/ universities)

  • Appendix-F(1): EQUIPMENT DETAILS – Justification

  • Appendix-F(2): MANPOWER DETAILS – Justification

  • Appendix-F(3): CONSUMABLE DETAILS – Justification

  • Appendix-F(4): DETAILS ON OTHER RECURRING HEADS – Justification




In case there’s still any problem while filling form or need any assistance you are free to contact BCIL at 011-23219064/65/66/67.



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