However, the Indian industry has to speed-up its efforts to gain competitive advantage as a nation to capture the global market and generate wealth. The commercialization of new technologies and high tech projects in various biotech industries need to be accelerated to meet the future challenges and realise full potential of biotechnology. Biotechnology industries are at the forefront of another technological revolution and are definitely going to prove as the industry of the new millennium. Biotechnology research has vast potential for commercialisation in the areas of agriculture, human and animal health, environment, diagnostics, immunobiologicals and various industrial products like antibiotics, industrial enzymes, vitamins etc. The global biotechnology has been undergoing dynamic changes in terms of perspective and priorities. While we may capitalize on our strength in bio generics, innovation is needed for development of new products and processes. There is a need to create a critical mass of small business units that have the potential to drive the innovation.



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